• Fixed: User email validation on some sites causing the email campaigns to pause.
  • Fixed: The issue with the email content checker on GIF files.
  • New: Email content auto-analysis guide to avoid sent emails ending up in the spam folder.
  • New: Email address auto-bounce checker to prevent bouncing emails.
  • New: Automation action: Send HTTPS request (Webhooks).
  • New: Filter "Email Validation Status".
  • New: Filter "Email Subscription Status".
  • New: Options for the "Unsubscribed From Email" event.
  • New: Options for the "Unsubscribed User From Email" action.
  • New: Support guest checkouts in Shopify.
  • New: Animation options for the popups.
  • New: Call a phone number for the popup button element.
  • New: Close the popup for the popup button element.
  • New: Social element in the popup builder and the email builder.
  • New: Growmatik plugin compatibility WordPress 6.1.
  • New: Google search console integration with Shopify.
  • New: Webpage personalizer is now compatible with Shopify custom domain URLs.
  • New: Unsubscription options for "Marketing" and "Transactional" emails available in the Email Settings.
  • Improved: Segment text for the "Email send activity" filter and other filters.
  • Improved: Syncing all Shopify product categories.
  • Improved: Integration with Shopify.
  • Improved: Stability of large workflows.
  • Fixed: Fill the correct description field for Shopify products in the email builder.
  • Fixed: Scrolling long popups with side images.
  • Fixed: Submission issues with Ninja forms.
  • Fixed: Submission issues with Contact Form 7.
  • Fixed: Submission issues with WP Forms.
  • Fixed: Submission issues with WP Fusion (Available in WP Fusion 3.40.37).
  • Fixed: Most popular sorting order in the product block for Shopify.
  • Fixed: Popup side image layout when no image is selected.
  • Fixed: Auto-load-more on the archive page of the People page.
  • Fixed: Persistent loader when discarding save on some templates.
  • New: More email levels and daily sending quota. Details.
  • Improved: Search functionality on various dropdowns throughout the app that allows a more advanced search using more keywords on filters, products, etc.
  • Improved: Workflow "Decision" node.
  • Improved: Workflow "Wait Until" node.
  • Improved: Server performance on the analytics page.
  • New: The unsubscribe link in emails now can be set up in a way to unsubscribe users from all emails, or transactional and marketing emails separately. Profile > Site Settings > Email Settings.
  • Improved: Search functionality in various dropdowns throughout the app.
  • Improved: Video element in the email builder.
  • Improved: Decision nodes in the workflow.
  • Improved: Interaction with the workflow.
  • Fixed: Syncing all Shopify product categories.
  • Fixed: Growmatik Popups causing unwanted animations on some Shopify sites.
  • Fixed: Order date of Easy Digital Downloads 3 for orders migrated from Easy Digital Downloads 2.
  • Fixed: Export issues when exporting a large number of contacts.
  • Improved: The performance report emails' styling on the phone notifications.
  • New: Contact support, right from the Growmatik dashboard through the profile menu with the possibility of searching through the knowledgebase articles.
  • New: Knowledgebase architecture https://docs.growmatik.ai/.
  • New: Add frequency display options to the redirect action.
  • Improved: Rule execution.
  • Improved: Screenshots on the rules page.
  • Improved: Texts throughout the app for better clarity.
  • Improved: Performance improvements.
  • Fixed: The text element's controls get locked in some cases.
  • New: Growmatik WordPress plugin v2.5.0. Changelog.
  • New: Support Easy Digital Downloads 3.0.
  • Improved: Stability and performance.
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