• Improved: The behavior of various filters, such as Email Activity, Placed Order, View Product, Visited Page, Purchased Product, and Automation.
  • Fixed: Displaying the custom attributes column in the users' archive page.
  • New: More color options for the footer element in the email builder.
  • New: Supporting domain properties for Google Search Console integration with Growmatik.
  • New: "Date Added" column for the People page, indicating when a contact is added to Growmatik.
  • Improved: Security on embedded forms submissions.
  • Improved: Webpage personalizer fetches actual data from the product element in the preview mode.
  • Improved: The previous "Subscription Form" option in the "Sign-Up Method" filter is now renamed to "Third-Party Integrated Form".
  • Fixed: Generating coupons on the success step of the Embedded Forms when the form was being duplicated.
  • Fixed: The page crash when "Use in Automation" was selected in embedded forms.
  • Fixed: The recurring option of rules when created from the recipes section.
  • New: Growmatik form builder. Available in Workshop > Embedded Forms.
  • New: Members and team collaboration. Available in Site Settings > Members.
  • New: Success step in popups that have the form element.
  • Improved: Email validation.
  • Improved: Media library behavior on searching and removing items.
  • Fixed: Various issues with the "Checkout Started" event.
  • Fixed: Scrolling behavior on long popups.
  • Fixed: The schedule of the email automations for specific dates and hours
  • New: WordPress plugin version 2.7.2.
  • Improved: The calculation of the "Time spent metric.
  • Fixed: Easy Digital Downloads guest checkout events for logged-out users.
  • Fixed: The user types in the Shopify checkout event.
  • New: WordPress plugin update version v2.7.1.
  • New: The abandoned cart event now supports guest users.
  • New: Check the HTML email media for spam detection.
  • New: Integration with Unsplash service built into the media library.
  • New: "Last Order" filter for the product element.
  • Improved: Updating WooCommerce's order payment status and supporting new ones.
  • Fixed: Popup schedule conflict when two popup rules are defined.
  • Fixed: The recurring automation rules when the user's cart is not empty.
  • Fixed: The marketing email consent field for guest checkouts.
  • Fixed: The error in the wp-admin dashboard upon the Growmatik password change.
  • Fixed: The user type in Shopify's checkout event.
  • Fixed: The popup success message.
  • Fixed: Assigning links to texts in the text element in the builders.
  • Improved: Updated customized order statuses for WooCommerce
  • Fixed: The missing customer data in Shopify's checkout event.
  • New: Event - Checkout started.
  • New: Schedules in the email action.
  • New: Exclude canceled orders from reports.
  • New: Sort and show options in workflows, rules, workshop pages, etc.
  • New: Search box in the workflows, rules, and workshop pages.
  • New: "Tax ID" and "Company Name" added to the billing page.
  • Improved: Open links in a new tab for the preview of HTML emails.
  • Fixed: User type on Shopify when customers are created using webhooks.
  • Fixed: Preserving the formatting option of the text element when a popup is saved.
  • Fixed: The behavior of the text element when multiple lists are inserted.
  • Fixed: Deleted templates not disappearing without a page refresh.
  • New: Creating HTML email templates.
  • New: Countdown timer in popups.
  • New: Schedule options for the popup action.
  • New: Support Google fonts in the email builder.
  • New: Send test emails in the email builder to multiple emails.
  • New: Numbered lists and bullet points support for the text element in the popup/email builder.
  • New: More formatting options for the text element in the popup/email builder.
  • New: Timezone settings in the site settings page.
  • New: Supporting "Submitted a Form" event for guests.
  • Improved: Associating the first order ID for older users.
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